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Saturday, November 5, 2011

I've got the blues

Eli loves to make pancakes, so we decided to try blueberry pancakes. He still doesn't like much texture to his food, so we started by pureeing the blueberries. Using the food processor is fun!

Eli loves to whisk everything together.

Good cooks always make a mess.
Look at that face.

These pancakes would be good on Halloween. They almost look black.

Giving them a try and liking blueberry pancakes.
I love his chubby little hands.
Gratuitous shot of his cute curls and messy face.
Clean up time is fun when your helper is this cute! Love the bed head.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pistols Firing

OSU really does homecoming right. Most of the fraternities and sororities make these massive house decorations. They also have food and craft vendors. Like a small fair. It's fun. It's where The Boy is. So I go. Eli decided to dress up like Pistol Pete. Here he is with Geep
This is what happens when he sees his Uncle Tyler and doesn't get into Uncle Bubba's arms fast enough.
That's more like it!
Bubba showing Eli one of the house decs. Eli loved them because most had music and moving parts.The decs are made of tons of tissue paper poked into a mesh screen. Amazing. Here's Eli with his dada.

Come on, Pokes! Beat those Baylor Bears!